Episode 35: September 13, 2017

Hosts: djHotMic (in studio), Mully (in studio), Galen + Gamal (aka djBikesmith) ON LOCATION at Dorchester Bike-N-Brew

Guests: Eric Weis (in studio); Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley (via phone); various field recordings

It’s Episode 35 of BikeTalk and we do a deep dive into the upcoming event, New England Builders’ Ball. Founder and curator, Eric Weis, comes down to the basement to give a preview of the 9/23/17 event at the Boston Design Center in South Boston. With more than 40 exhibitors, NEBB has become the premiere handmade bicycle frame and accessory showcase and is a touchstone for community and culture in the region.

djHotMic then gives an update from the recent trip she and Galen made to Oregon, which included a surprise appearance on the Sprocket Podcast! With wildfires in the backdrop, she explained how Portland’s grid enables the growth of a network of #neighborways, low-stress streets that parallel major arterial roads and offer a calmer, safer ride through the city.

After that, we chat a bit of current events from around the country, including the news that Santa Cruz bicycles, in reaction to the recent bicycle tax instituted in Oregon (see episode #32), has decided to make a donation to mountain bike trail maintenance and development equal to the tax paid on any Santa Cruz bicycle. #lemonsIntoLemonade

Finally, we connect with Gamal and Galen who are on location at the Dorchester Bike and Brew community event in Peabody Square. They share field interviews with community members and even manage to get City Councilor, Ayanna Pressley, on the phone to share her #bikeJoy…nice job, guys!

We manage to squeeze in a few upcoming bike events before our hour is done…

Until next time, be well and ride safe. #bikeToTheFuture