Episode 34: August 30, 2017

Hosts: Galen, Gamal (aka djBikesmith)

Guests:¬†Gamal’s teenage son, Solomon (in studio); Solomon’s mother, Denice (via phone); Galen’s Mom, Sara (via phone)

It’s a #familyAffair on this episode of BikeTalk, our 34th installment in the ongoing series the dives into bike culture in all its glory. Our first guest is the Gamal’s amazing teenage son, Solomon, who uses his bicycle to commute to school, run errands, and visit friends and family across the Boston region. He shares his perspective on the difference between cycling for transportation and just ‘riding a bike’ around with no destination in mind. Do you remember how you rode a bike as a teenager? Tune in for a trip down memory lane while simultaneously peering into the future..

Solomon’s mom, Denice, calls in from Brookline with a common but critical question; how does someone who is interested to ride gain confidence enough to feel safe on city streets?

Next up is Galen’s mother, Sara, who shares her experience as a former cyclist who, due to a disability, is no longer able to ride. Primarily a motorist now, she describes roads and bike infrastructure from her viewpoint. And the conversation dips into the murky waters of parking policy…beware..

And of course, we cover upcoming bike events in the metro-Boston area. Get on your bikes and ride, kids!

Until next time, be well and ride safe. #bikeToTheFuture