Episode 33: August 16, 2017

Hosts: Galen, Gamal (aka djBikesmith), Jess (aka djHotMic), and Mully

Guests: Marc McGovern, Nate Fillmore, Ken McLeod, Matt Morrow, and Remy (in studio)

Welcome to episode 33, which starts not just with #cyclingJoy but a discussion around the name of the segment itself. Should we change it to #bikeJoy? Keep it the same? What do you think? Hit us up @biketalk881 on Twitter to share your opinion.

Our first guest is Vice-Mayor of Cambridge, Marc McGovern, who joins us to unpack the recent Council vote on Policy Order 14, which would have created a moratorium on all future bike infrastructure pending a report on the lack of public outreach around the Brattle St rollout. He shares his ‘passionately reasonable’ approach to transportation in Cambridge with a call to change the conversation to focus on safety, not feuding between the modes.

Next up is Nate Fillmore of the group, Cambridge Bike Safety, which has been pushing hard to promote the safer bike infrastructure that we all agree is sorely needed.

Ken McLeod, policy director for the League of American Bicyclists, dials in from Washington DC to talk about the recent legislation in Oregon that created a tax on all new bicycles of $200 or greater. Will this embolden other states to #taxBikes? Will this push people to the internet to avoid paying the tax? Matt Morrow from Oregon E-Bikes calls in from Hood River to talk through the independent bike shop perspective.

Finally, we are joined in studio by local rider, Remy Morrison, who was among the Boston cohort that made the trek to Milwaukee to ride the recent edition of the River West 24! It’s a race, a ride, a community event like no other that lasts a full 24hours and includes dozens of checkpoints, random parties, tattoos, and more….a true neighborhood phenomenon. Community matters, kids, and what better way to demonstrate the impermanence of all things than with a trophy made of ice for the winners? Tune in, you will NOT be disappointed..

Until next time, be well and ride safe