Episode 28: June 7, 2017

Hosts: Galen, Gamal, Mully

Guests: Jonathan Fertig (in studio); Conrad Crawford (in studio)

Topics: We continue coverage of the recent live radio gaffes of Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, and add another one to the fray as Joan Vennochi, columnist for the Boston Globe, put her foot in it recently on a recent episode of The Scrum Podcast. We use these comments as a segue to talk about Tactical Urbanism with Jonathan Fertig. TU is the civilian installation of temporary measures in critical and dangerous areas – like intersections – which hopefully will be permanently implemented by city government. Essentially it’s a way to bring needed change at a much quicker pace.

We then shift gears to talk politics, more specifically political action committees, with Conrad Crawford and Jonathan who are co-founders of StreetsPAC Mass. The group’s focus is not just the current mayoral race in Boston but city council races in surrounding municipalities where turnout is historically very low and the opportunity to elect a leader with vision is high. One more front on which the ‘all powerful bike lobby’ is fighting.

Galen recounts his experience as the sweep on the 100-mile route of the Bikes Not Bombs fundraising Bike-A-Thon this past Sunday. Field recordings and fond memories abound!

Finally, Gamal returns to the studio as a co-host this time and he answers listener questions about the ins and outs of urban riding.

It was a packed show per usual, thanks for listening! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @biketalk881, and please ride safely.