Episode 25: April 26, 2017

Episode 25:

Damn, are we magicians or what? We manage to fit 90 minutes of content into this 60 minute show..the scientists here at MIT are already studying our method…

John Ramos calls in to start the show with a report from the recent “Make Way For Bikelanes” ride around the Public Garden. The goal is to demonstrate to the City of Boston that there is no reason to wait five years to add bicycle facilities to a four-lane road that is under capacity of auto traffic. Seriously, Boston, why the wait?

Next we recount the magic that is the Midnight Marathon Ride with both personal details from Galen and some great field recordings from the overnight 26-mile long party.

Continuing the bikeshare theme from #episode24, we are joined by Derrick Ko, the CEO and co-founder of dockless bikeshare company, Spin. With government regulation looming, the future of US bikeshare is going to look very different than it does today. Will they take bikeshare to neighborhoods that traditional bikeshare systems haven’t reached, or will the dockless systems flood our sidewalks with dilapidated bikes and be banned from operating? Stay tuned, kids, it’s going to be an interesting year for #bikeshare..

The bottom half of the hour is all about #BikeMonth! First up is Alex Anderson of the Somerville Bicycle Committee who joins by phone to talk about the Rush Hour Challenge! The RHC pits modes against each other to see who navigates the city most quickly. It starts downtown and ends at Redbones in Davis Square, Somerville for the traditional bicycle block party! Who will win this year? Come on out to see it live…

If you ride, you probably know the power of a good pancake. And there’s not many shops that make a better one for a #commuterBreakfast than Broadway Bicycle School. Ellen from BBS joins us by phone to finally lay to rest the ‘maple vs pancake syrup’ debate. Kinda..

Lastly, we are joined via phone by Vivian who shares a wrap-up of her #30DaysOfBiking in April!

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