Episode 23: March 29, 2017

Episode 23: We spend this episode of BikeTalk riffing on a theme..bike theft. Inspired by the story of Larry Slotnick, who recently recovered his stolen Xtracycle, we dive headlong into proper locking technique, theft prevention tips, bicycle registration, off-the-shelf deterrence options, and much more.

We are joined in studio by Larry, Tivan from Fortified Bicycle, and Ken from Rejjee to bring multiple perspectives to the table.

The show starts with a quick update on the Beacon Street cycletrack in Somerville by Alex Frieden of the Somerville Bicycle Committee. The cycletrack is closed for the season while installation of the final design is completed and we chat about what that will look like.

The show wraps up with Vivian from Mattapan checking in by phone to talk about the 30 Days of Biking challenge for the month of April. Will YOU ride every day in April? You know you want to…

Filler content includes a reading of the upcoming events calendar and several announcements including an update on our #modeMix survey (have you shared your view yet?); the phenomenal Spring Classics guide compiled by Trek Bicycles; a reminder that you can still sign your company up for the Walk Ride Day Corporate Challenge; a call to action from the Boston Cyclists Union to push Boston for more resources around commitments they’ve made to #visionZero; and notice that volunteer registration has opened for this year’s PanMass Challenge.

Galen and Mully hold things down in the cozy confines of A-control at WMBR 88.1fm. Ride safe, y’all!