Episode 20: February 15, 2017

Episode 20: Back to back to back interviews on this episode which is presided over by Galen and Mully in A-control of WMBR. We start in studio with Jan Marie of Shift Community Bicycle Collective, a community group that offers streetside bicycle repairs with hands-on help and education for all ages and all incomes in two locations in Somerville, MA. Then we shift focus to the Longwood Medical Area to talk with David Read about the recent summit that gathered all the area’s stakeholders to look the future squarely in the eye and map a safer future. Our final guest is Nate from Cambridge Bicycle Safety with updates on the Inman Square redesign as well as thoughts on the how the City of Cambridge will fulfill its promises of better bike infrastructure in the spring. We sprinkle in some upcoming events and the usual banter and bike news until we run out of time as usual..