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Galen Mook - MookMasterBikes

Galen Mook loves to ride bikes, and he wants you to feel the same joy that biking should bring all people. Bicycles mean simplicity, freedom, independence, transportation, business, self-sufficiency, health and exercise, environmental sensitivity, and best of all: community.

He created BikeTalk as a space to discuss and celebrate all things bicycle, and he knows that as more and more people get riding, life simply gets better.


Laura Gray - DJ2Wheelz

2Wheelz started riding bikes as a means of working out and realized that it's really a means for an awesome life. She helps run the organization CommonWheels and performs improv comedy in her free time.

She love how BikeTalk is a dedicated hour to force people to listen to us talk about bikes. "Keep the rubber side down!"


Gamal Smith - DJBikeSmith

I am free on two wheels. Free to save my life and the life of the planet every time I put foot to pedal and wheels to road.

Riding at the intersection of a big Brotha who's a bike commuter in the Boston Metro, I advocate safer cycling for young and old through better multi-modal infrastructure, cycling literacy, and helping as many cats as possible overcome whatever road blocks are in their way to being on two wheels more.

As a father and citizen of the Commonwealth, I want to not only build the cycling network our children deserve, but I want to make cycling and cycling mechanics a permanent part of America's public school education system.

BikeTalk881 is a resource for new and experienced cyclists in the HUB, and we want to help spread #bikeJoy to as many people as we can!


Scott Mullen

I believe in the power of the bicycle to transform urban areas and strengthen local communities.

When people choose a bicycle, public transit, or their feet for local trips, the positive benefits are numerous, far-reaching and inexpensive. Personal health and quality of life, congestion mitigation, sprawl reduction, improved air quality, and stronger local economies all flow from active transportation.

The best part? Even if you don't care about any of that, riding a bike is FUN and it will change the way you see the world..